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A Companye of Strangers performs Medieval and Tudor music, song and dance, as yeomen and women, or as courtiers. We are based in Kent, and have been taking part in all manner of events in England, France and Germany since 1993, and can provide entertainment for Medieval or Tudor banquets, re-enactment events, festivals, markets, ceilidhs, weddings and parties. We are also happy to teach the audience some of our simpler dances so that they may join in the fun.

Please note that we are not a living history group – our primary aim is to entertain!

We are always happy to welcome new members, men or women – no experience required.

Companye as Medieval Courtiers at Reims, June 2011

We practise once a month, throughout the winter, near Canterbury – please see our Practices page for more details.

Companye dancing as yeomen and women at Michelham Priory, September 2012

Companye as Medieval Courtiers at Berkeley, July 2011

Companye as Tudor Courtiers, at Hall Place, June 2009

Some of Companye as Yeowomen, at Sandwich Medieval Festival, July 2010

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